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CSAP - Excellence Training, Enrichment,

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Training and Enrichment Modules

Here is a sequence of themed training modules that will culminate the four year developmental model that has been joined with the Connecting Service and Politics inititave.


First Set of Activities

Action Planning

Activity 1 What are Action Plans?-2 Parts (Suggested time: 25-30 minutes)

Activity 2 Evaluating the Issue-2 Parts (Suggested time: 30-35 minutes

Activity 3 Creating Goals-2 Parts (Suggested time: 30-40 minutes)

Activity 4 Creating and Implementing an Action Plan (Suggested time: As long as needed)


Second Set of Activities

Advocacy 201

Activity 1 Briefing and Issue Selection (Suggested Time: 10-20 minutes)

Activity 2 Role Play (Suggested Time: 30-50 minutes)


Third Set of Activities

Building Coalitions

Activity 1 Opening Activity (Suggested Time:15-20 minutes)

Activity 2 Creating Mission Statements (Suggested time:15-20 minutes)

Activity 3 Writing Mission Statements (Suggested Time:20-30 minutes)

Activity 4 Closing (Suggested Time:5-10 minutes)


Fourth Set of Activities

Power Mapping

Activity 1 Presentation of  Power Mapping (Suggested time: 40-60 minutes)

Activity 2 Steps to Power Mapping (Suggested time: However long necessary)

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