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Creating an Individual Asset Bank

Page history last edited by Mike Austerlitz 11 years, 10 months ago

Now, set up for the rest of the day:  another community immersion, this time focused on developing contacts and a better sense of how individuals in the community are its assets.  Participants may have encountered and interacted with community residents and members during the first canvassing, but now the focus is on that intentionally. 

Review the next few pages of the Guide, describing the asset bank (from handout):

An Individual Asset Bank is a compilation of information about individuals (of diverse means and backgrounds) who are potential assets to a project.  Spend several hours (or days) just going out, introducing yourself to a diverse array of individuals you find in the community, and briefly collecting the beginnings of an Individual Asset Bank.



Here are the necessary gudelines to create an Individual Asset Bank:


 Individual Asset Bank.doc

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