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Connecting to the Network

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Step 4: Connecting to the Network 


Step 4: Connecting to the Network

Currently, there are more than 65 campuses participating in the Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leader Programs. This diverse consortium and has come to be a hallmark of the Bonner Program and is an important resource for campus administrators, students, and community partners. It is a network that shares best practices, collaborates on new initiatives, and is committed to building community among Bonner Programs around the country.


Each summer the Bonner Foundation organizes an orientation workshop for new Bonner Scholar and Bonner Leader Program Directors. New program administrators can expect to learn about the history of the Foundation, how to implement the program on your campus, and how to report information to the Foundation.


The Foundation brings program staff together at the following annual meetings:


There are a number of other initiatives that allow Bonner Programs to collaborate:


Finally, there are several current and past funding initiatives available to participationg campuses:


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