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Community Agencies

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Community Agencies 

Youth | Senior Citizens | Education | Disabled | Health | Literacy | Relief Work | Environment

 Bonners are already active at many community agencies. If you are looking for a way to expand your program's role within the community or to ensure your program is connected to all aspects of the community, here are some ideas:



  • Coaching (baseball, basketball, football, track, soccer, street hockey)
  • Instruction (tennis, gymnastics, clinics, swimming)
  • Supervision (clubs, organizations, day camps, after school programs)
  • Theater (instruction, productions, children's theater)
  • Dance (tap, jazz, square, modern, ballet)
  • Art (painting, ceramics, origami, drawing, knitting)
  • Big Sibling Companion Programs
  • Group Work (scouting, 4-H)


Senior Citizens

  • Adopt-A-Grandparent
  • Visit Nursing Homes
  • Services to Seniors ("Meals on Wheels", Household help)



  • Tutoring
  • Teacher's Aid
  • Mini Courses (geology, New York City, skateboarding, fishing)
  • Special Projects (working with gifted/talented youth, reading clubs)
  • School Presentations



  • Companion Programs
  • Tutoring
  • Recreation (sports, crafts, music, trips to museums)



  • Health Clinic
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse Programs (drug prevention/education, school visits)
  • Teen Pregnancy (peer counseling/education)
  • Hospital (emergency room, ward work)
  • Aids (prevention, education, companion programs, hot meals)



  • Tutor (adult literacy, high school equivalency)
  • Literacy Hotline


Relief Work

  • Food (soup kitchens, food salvage, food drives)
  • Shelter (homeless shelters, battered women/men, runaway youth)
  • Work Projects (weatherization, construction)
  • Clothing Assistance (clothing drives, clothing banks)



  • Stream Watch (water quality monitoring)
  • Recycling
  • Toxic Waster (management, awareness)
  • Soil Conservation/Erosion Prevention
  • Park/Trail Maintenance
  • Weatherization and Energy Conservation


Information adapted from on your mark, GO!, get set by Wayne Meisel, Bobby Hackett, and Julia Scatliff


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