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Colorado College

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Colorado College

902 North Cascade Ave.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903



CAMPUS AT A GLANCE (brief description)

Drawing upon the adventurous spirit of the Rocky Mountain West, we challenge students, one course at a time, to develop those habits of intellect and imagination that will prepare them for learning and leadership throughout their lives.


Established as a coeducational institution in 1874, Colorado College employs a unique Block Plan in which students and professors engage in one course at a time for three and a half weeks. During a block, students not only receive classroom instruction, but they also may participate in field work, research, or community-based learning.



Location: about 1 hour south of the state capital, Denver

Enrollment: 1,947

Other interesting tidbits:



Name of Campus-Wide Center: 

Relevant website:


Type of Program:

Year Began:

Bonner Program website:


Number of Bonner Scholars/Leaders:

Active in Bonner AmeriCorps Ed Award:

Active in Other AmeriCorps Ed Award:

Active in Learn & Serve CBR:

Active in FIPSE Civic Ed Certficate/Minor:  Yes




Center Director:

Bonner Director:

Bonner Senior Intern(s):

Bonner Congress Representatives: Megan Gruseck



MORE ABOUT US (our partners, trips, structure, best or unique practices)

As part of your Annual Report 2008, we ask all campuses to add 1-2 paragraphs here that describe a few highlights of the programmatic activities from this year.  For instance, you may choose to capture an aspect of a very successful trip or a campus-wide service initiatives.  Or you may describe some key work you did with community partners, or your efforts to incorporate community-based research with faculty.  As part of your larger Campus Profile, these few paragraphs should provide a sense of elements that are particularly strong and/or unique about your Bonner Program.  You can delete this instruction text when you are done.


You also want to:

1)  Review the rest of the profile and edit it for accuracy, add photos, and so on.

2)  Click on the link below to take you to a second wiki page where you can submit a more extended program report as part of your Annual Report.



Click here to complete wiki-based portion of Annual Report.  



Student Leadership Planning:

Click here for Congress Leadership Plans:

Colorado Action Planning



Serve 2.0

  • Staff Point Person for project:  name - email
  • Student Point Person for project:  name - email
  • Planning to submit mini-grant proposal:  yes - no
  • Bonner Program or Campus-Wide Wiki status:  created - not created; if yes, provide URL
  • Participating in Bonner Video Project:  yes - no
    • Student BVL (Bonner Video Liaison) contact info posted on link: Bonner Video Liaisons
    • Need a Flip Cam? (we can provide one per campus): yes - no
  • See useful links:  Serve 2.0 Resource Wiki   |   Mini-Grant RFP



  • Using BWBRS 3.0: yes - no - comment
  • Need for additional training:  yes - no - for whom
  • See useful links:  BWBRS 3.0 Help Guide


Bonner AmeriCorps

  • Please list the contact information of the staff and student interns who manage your AmeriCorps Paperwork:
    • Note:  due to the audit and the transition to BWBRS 3, all current AmeriCorps Managers will be scheduled for an AmeriCorps Management Training for 2009 within the first few weeks of the semester. Please schedule this phone call with your Foundation Program Associate as soon as possible.
  • Spring Enrollments 2009:  Please complete this survey right away: AmeriCorps Survey
  • Please note: This survey is for the Spring semester slots only. It does not matter if your campus had previously requested slots and have "left overs." Please fill out this survey to specify how many members your campus will enroll this semester. If you do not want slots, they should fill it in with zeroes. We will be sending out a Summer and Fall request as well, so this is only for this semester. 


Issue-Based Research

  • What issue(s) working group will your campus focus on (in preparation for SLI 2009)? 
    • general issue area
  • Specific topic for issue brief (see Research Guide for help to work with partner in defining):  
    • specific issue brief topic (define by February)
  • Lead contact people for project (staff and/or students, community partner agency):
    • names, titles, phone numbers, emails
  • See useful links:  PolicyOptions Wiki   |  Campus Implementation Guide



Feel free to upload photos, especially of events like Orientation, First Year Trip, Second Year Exchange, Congress Representatives and Senior Interns, Campus-Wide projects, or the Bonner community.  Provide brief captions if you can.

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