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Reporting Questions - Please complete for Bonner AmeriCorps slots utilized in 2008-2009.  The entire wiki-based report can be three pages or less.


Program Data for 2008-2009 (for schools participating in Bonner AmeriCorps)

The reporting period is October 6, 2008 through October 5, 2009

Please provide data on the following:

  •  Number of AmeriCorps applicants
  •  Number of AmeriCorps members involved in volunteer recruitment, training and management
  • Number of volunteers recruited, supported or managed by AmeriCorps members
  •  Number of AmeriCorps members who participated in disaster services
  • Number of AmeriCorps members who are certified in disaster preparedness and response
  • Number of AmeriCorps members who are available for deployment in support of a disaster
  •  Number of local disasters to which AmeriCorps members responded
  •  Number of individuals affected by disaster receiving assistance from AmeriCorps members
  • Number of disadvantaged youth served by AmeriCorps members
  • Number of children of incarcerated members served by AmeriCorps members
  •  Number of homeless, low-income or at-risk youth mentored by AmeriCorps members


Great Stories (for schools participating in Bonner AmeriCorps)

Listed below are the strategic initiatives for AmeriCorps as determined by the Corporation for National and Community Service. For all initiatives related to your program, please provide us with at least one example of the great work that your AmeriCorps members accomplished in these areas.

  •  Mobilizing more volunteers
  •  Ensuring a brighter future for America's youth
  • Engaging students in communities
  • Disaster preparedness and response


Budget Narrative

  •  Report on how the Bonner Leader Program Enrichment Grant Funds have been spent and provide a brief description of each of these activities.
  • Report on any un-expended funds. 


Programmatic Questions - please complete

Please complete the sections below to share more about how your Bonner AmeriCorps Program is structured.   Please share information and highlights addressing the following three categories.


Implementation of Student Development: 

A key aspect of the Bonner Program is student development and the integration of an intentional Developmental Model through which students are supported and challenged to higher levels of leadership, skills, and knowledge.  See these handouts for more information:

 Handout - Student Development 1.pdf

 Handout - Student Development 2.pdf


Given the structure of your Bonner AmeriCorps Program, how do you integrate a developmental model within your co-curricular and service activities? (suggested half-page text)?  Please feel free to include details about:

  1. Trainings, courses, & meetings (keep in mind that we suggest class- or cohort meetings at least two times per month, which include an intentional sequence of training and reflection activities)
  2. Service Trips (see Co-Curricular Implementation Guide for more information)
  3. Student Leadership Roles (see Student Handbook Live sections on Student Roles)


Implementation of Community Partnerships: 

Another key element of the Bonner Program is a focus on mutually beneficial campus-community partnerships, through which students can dedicate their time and talents over multiple semesters to making a contribution.  The type of work conducted can include many forms of direct service, capacity building, and even research.  Organizing around site-based teams and issues can enable long-term, multi-dimensional partnerships and placements, as well as ways to better achieve and measure impact . See these handouts:

 Community Partnerships1.pdf

 Community Partnerships2.pdf


Given the structure of your Bonner AmeriCorps Program, please describe your work with community partners, touching in particular on the following categories (suggested half-page text):

  1. Orienting and managing community partnerships
  2. Partners as co-educators and academic connections
  3. Integration of site-based or issue-oriented teams


Campus-wide Culture and Infrastructure: 

Another third focus area of the Bonner Program is a focus on building the campus-wide culture, infrastructure, and capacity to carry out this work in the present and long-term, engaging not only Bonners but making paving the way for all students to be exposed to service and engaged civically. See this handout for more:

 Bonner CampusWide Infrastructure.pdf 


Given the structure of your Bonner AmeriCorps Program, please describe key features of campus-wide infrastructure and the role of the Bonner Program in enhancing (or being enhanced by) campus-wide culture and participation in service (suggested half-page text):

  1. Faculty and academic connections
  2. Relationships with other departments (across campus)
  3. Unique initiatives (such as events or strategic planning) that have enhanced (or are currently working to enhance) institutionalization of service and civic engagement on campus


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