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BWBRS Features Overview

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The Bonner Web-based Reporting System (BWBRS) is how Bonner Programs track and manage their service work. In it, Bonner Scholars and Leaders set objectives for their service using Community Learning Agreements (CLAs), describe their work and set goals, track their service through Hour Logs, and reflect on their Service Accomplishments.  It is also where Bonner Scholar and Bonner AmeriCorps program directors track reporting with the Bonner Foundation.


Also, please be sure to review some helpful resources that summarize BWBRS expectations for students and staff by using these fliers and this accompanying powerpoint. These resources are designed to help your program understand the philosophy and expectations behind position descriptions, CLAs, and training and enrichment events:





BWBRS Features Tour & Quick Start Guide



BWBRS Structure

The BWBRS 3.0 page has a custom color scheme, logo, and a photo for each campus, which are set under the Administrators Menu for Managing Site Settings (see below).


Student Menu & Home Page

The student's left sidebar menu is much shorter and focuses only on those items that they manage.



The student home screen also has a My Status Box on the right side of the student's front page (which they see right after they log in).  This makes it easy for them to track their status, including their AmeriCorps status if they are enrolled.





Administrator Menus

The administrators have the same sections as the student menu and an additional set of options under the Administrator Menu.  This is done so campus administrators can work with students to see exactly what they see when using the system.




Available Actions

This menu changes based on the page and user permission level to allow the user to perform a specific set of actions.   For instance, this is the menu you use to print a page, add a student, add or editing an event, adding or editing a service position or partner.  In the example below we show the actions that are available when viewing a Community Learning Agreement and another for administrators to notify the Bonner Foundation to review a report:



Note:  you need to be in the student list view to get the Available Action option for adding a student, service position or partner, or training event.


Service Partners & Positions

The detail view for each position is now consolidated with the partner agency offering those positions.  The partner is in the top section and includes a list of the position(s) they offered.  You can click on the position name (in blue) or use the << Previous | Next >> navigation at the top right of the position description box as seen below:




Training & Enrichment Events

The key information for training and enrichment events in BWBRS includes:



You can use the worksheets and templates for outlining your Training Calendar on the page Planning Your Student Training and Enrichment Calendar


Administrator Management

The administrator menu includes:


Manage Staff Settings

This is where you control the profile and the roles of staff members who can manage BWBRS (which also determines what email notifications they will receive)... 



***Please note that any senior interns or students who are Bonners (leader or Scholar) should be given a separate log in from their student BWBRS log in. Also, please be aware that VISTA Members and other AmeriCorps Members may not sign off on other AmeriCorps Member's hours.


From the list view, you use the Available Actions menu to add a Staff Person...


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Setting Calendar Dates

BWBRS relies on the dates set for the start of each semester in the current academic year, as well as the start of at least the Fall semester in the next academic year.  The system automatically calculates the end date of each semester as the day before the start of the next semester.  Therefore, it needs the Fall start date for the next school year to determine the Summer semester end date of the current academic year.


You can watch this short screencast on setting calendar dates for your school.




Student Profiles

The first screen shows a list of students, with the default view displaying students in All Programs whose status is Active.  The column headers (in blue) can be used to sort the list...



After selecting a student, you get a detail view beginning with the General information on the student (including their email address and password) and two other tabs for their Contact and Enrollment information.  




Note the pull-down menu on the right side that shows a list of students, which makes it easy to switch to another student profile...



The enrollment section shows the list of available program options...



After selecting a program option, the detail view shows up underneath the top box....



Service Positions

The Service Partners and Position menu allows users to see a list of available positions.  The menus at the top of the body section allow the user to focus the list of service positions on a semester, issue area, and duration (i.e., one day event, short-term, semester long service position).



To add a new position, select "Add New Position" from the Available Actions menu.  This screencast shows you the rest.


To advance your positions from one semester to the next, do the following:

  • Advance Position -this is found under Service Partner and Positions under Positions and Events. In the Available Action Box, please select Advance Positions.
  • On the next page, please select the box that corresponds with the semester you would like to advance the position. As you scroll over the title of the position, it reveals the description. This allows you to see which position your need to bring over incase there are duplicates.
  • Once you have saved the page the service position you selected to advance will be in the Spring 2009 semester.
  • Each Semester, an updated Semester Transition Procedure is sent out to all active campuses to direct and instruct the change over from one semester to the next. 


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AmeriCorps Case Management

The BWBRS system allows National Bonner AmeriCorps staff to contact campus staff regarding issues with AmeriCorps paperwork.


  • Open Cases -when there is an issue with paperwork, such as a duplicate entry, change in start date, etc..., National Program Staff will open a case. The case will be displayed in a member's BWBRS account.
  • Notifications -are sent to the campus administrator and the student in the form of a Email. To respond to the case, please follow the link in the digest and write a comment when the issue has been resolved or need further clarification. Campus Administrators and students can both leave comments. These comments are sent the National Program Staff in form of an email. 
  • Closed Cases-When a case has been resolved a National Program Staff will close the case. This will remove the case from it's initial place in BWBRS and move to the event logged. 
  • Review Open Cases- To review open cases, this can be founding under the Administrator Menu: Report: Case Overview. This overview shows the Administrator what cases are still open and need attention. By clicking on the Issue link, it gives you an overview of the issue and allows you to go the entry by clicking on "View Data Record" You can also leave a comment in this section as well. 


Student Reporting

Below we explain the basics in student reporting using BWBRS.  You may want to develop your own guide, as UC-Berkeley did (see Sample Campus Guide for Students).


Community Learning Agreements

Students must complete one CLA at the beginning of each semester for their primary sites and site they will be visiting frequently/ routinely throughout the semester. You may want to refer to the Making CLAs Great Guide which will help you train students in writing higher-quality descriptions and CLAs for their work here.


In addition to basic description information, the CLA asks the student to complete one Primary Service Objective, which includes a series of pull-down menus in addition to the description box...


....and Learning Goals


As always, CLAs must be printed out and signed by the student, their service site supervisor, and then submitted to their Bonner Director or Coordinator to be signed. This signed CLA should be filed at the camps, it does not need to be sent to the Foundation. The administrator then goes into BWBRS to approve the CLA which makes it active.  The list view indicates the status of each CLA for a particular student.  The column headers (in blue) allow you to sort the list if needed.



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Hour Logs

The hour log entry form allows for submission of (a) whole hours (in one box) and 15 minute increments (in a pull-down menu) and (b) indication of whether the service provided included time spent fundraising (check-box).



Hour log entries can be edited or deleted by first selecting the date of the hour log entry to be modified (listed in the Completed Hour Log entry box at the bottom of the Log Entry page).




....once selected, the hour log entry form is shown with the Delete Entry or Save Changes buttons on the bottom right side...



Service Accomplishments

Students complete at least one Service Accomplishments Report per semester at the end of each semester.  They use the Available Actions menu from the Service Accomplishments list page to start to Log a service accomplishment (the CLA must be in completed status before it shows up on this page. You complete it under the CLA section's drop down box).  These are required to be linked to a specific Community Learning Agreement or to non-CLA activities for a specific semester.



(Note: the Available Action menu displays all the CLAs from the member since they maybe logging their accomplishments after the CLA has been completed.) The data entry form for the service accomplishments includes a series of pull-down menus and a narrative entry field for describing what was accomplished.



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AmeriCorps Member Evaluations


Evaluations are a mandatory part of an AmeriCorps Member's term. The requirements of the evaluation are determined by the term inwhich the Member has been enrolled:


300-Hour Member: End Evaluation

450- and 900-Hour Members: Mid-Term Evaluation and End of term Evaluation


The required Evaluations must be completed before a Member can be exited from their term whether or not they plan on receiving an Education Award.


Mid Term Evaluations


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End of Term Evaluations

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