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Bonners Abroad Sample Form

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Bonners Abroad Content Form

This form is an example of the downloadable form, Bonners Abroad Form.doc . Please read the directions to do so here.


General Information


Home University:





Home Service Site: 

Issues Addressed at Home Service Site: 


Study Abroad Location: 

Length of Time Spent Abroad 

University Abroad 

Service Site Abroad: 

Issues Addressed at Service Site Abroad: 



Interview Questions (please provide as much information as possible)

About Studying Abroad

Why did you choose your location to study abroad?


Was your experience abroad what you had expected it to be? What was surprising?


How did studying abroad contribute to your personal growth?


About Serving Abroad

How did you get connected with your service site abroad?


What was your role at your service site?


What was a typical day like in your service site?


How did serving abroad contribute to or was different from your pervious service experiences?


How did service work contribute to your experience abroad?



General Questions

What was your favorite memory from your experience abroad?



What was the most challenging part about studying abroad? About serving abroad?



Photos (should be attached in an e-mail with the completed Word document)

Photos of me:


Photos of my abroad location:



Photos of my service site: 



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