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Bonners Abroad - Real-Life Stories

Page history last edited by Kelly Behrend 11 years, 2 months ago


Bonners Abroad: Real-Life Stories

The handbook will feature one-page bios on Bonners who have studied and served abroad. Ideally, we'd like to have 5-6 Bonners who represent the diversity of our program and exemplify the many options for serving abroad.


Example of a "Bonners Abroad" Bio

Kelly Behrend's Content Form & Handbook Feature (PDF)


Want to share your abroad experience? Please see directions below. If selected, your content will be reorganized into a PDF version that will be featured in the handbook. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at kelly@bonner.org.


How can I share my abroad experience? 

Bonner directors and coordinators: please recommend students whose service abroad was an exemplary experience by directing them to this page or e-mailing me at kelly@bonner.org


Interested Bonners: If you are interested in contributing, please do the following:

1) click on this downloadable Word document link --> Bonners Abroad Form.doc

2) fill in the information required and save the document to your computer

3) e-mail your completed form kelly@bonner.org WITH pictures attached to the e-mail

4) types of photos:

  • photos of you
  • photos of your abroad location
  • photos of your service site

** please note: these photos must be taken by you or you must receive permission from the photographer to use the photos**


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