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The attached training module is useful for helping students develop a professional, compelling resume — which may be part of securing a Summer Service full-time placement/internship, job after graduation, or future career work.  In addition, this skill and practice relates well to students' development of CLAs (service positions and descriptions) that are then entered into BWBRS.  It does so by helping students know what language can best describe their work at the site in professional terms that convey the impact of their work.  


We highly recommend to our programs to integrate this training into your meetings with students. This training can be led by a student leader or staff member.  


Here is the full training module:  Bonner Civic Engagement Training on Writing a Resume: BonCurWritingResumeGuide.pdf



In this module, there is a useful practice for turning a simple list of your work at a site into a more polished description of your position, skills, and competencies.  In it, there is also a helpful list of language that may be useful for service descriptions, CLAs, and resumes.  This follows.





Clerical or Detail Work:


Approved                                             Generated                                          Purchased

Arranged                                              Implemented                                      Recorded

Catalogued                                           Inspected                                           Retrieved

Classified                                              Monitored                                          Screened

Collected                                             Operated                                            Specified

Compiled                                             Organized                                           Systematized

Dispatched                                           Prepared                                            Tabulated

Executed                                              Processed                                          Validated


Communication Skills:


Addressed                                            Enlisted                                            Persuaded

Arbitrated                                            Formulated                                       Presented

Arranged                                              Influenced                                        Promoted

Authored                                             Interpreted                                       Publicized       

Corresponded                                     Lectured                                           Recruited

Directed                                               Moderated                                       Translated

Drafted                                                Motivated                                          Wrote

Edited                                                  Negotiated


Creative Skills:


Acted                                                   Fashioned                                          Originated

Concentrated                                       Founded                                            Performed

Created                                                Illustrated                                          Planned

Designed                                              Instituted                                           Revitalized

Developed                                            Integrated                                          Shaped

Directed                                               Introduced                              

Established                                           Invented


Financial Skills:


Administered                                        Balanced                                            Managed

Allocated                                              Calculated                                          Marketed

Analyzed                                               Computed                                         Planned

Appraised                                             Developed                                         Projected

Audited                                                 Forecast                                            Researched



Helping Skills:


Assessed                                               Demonstrated                                     Familiarized

Assisted                                                Diagnosed                                            Guided

Clarified                                                Educated                                             Referred

Coached                                               Expedited                                            Rehabilitated

Counseled                                            Facilitated                                             Represented


Management Skills:


Administered                                       Developed                                          Planned

Analyzed                                              Directed                                              Prioritized

Assigned                                              Enhanced                                            Produced

Attained                                               Evaluated                                            Recommended

Chaired                                                Executed                                            Reviewed

Contracted                                          Improved                                            Scheduled

Consolidated                                        Increased                                            Strengthened

Coordinated                                         Organized                                           Supervised

Delegated                                             Oversaw


Research Skills:


Clarified                                                Examined                                            Organized

Collected                                              Extracted                                            Reviewed

Critiqued                                              Inspected                                            Summarized

Determined                                          Interpreted                                         Surveyed

Diagnosed                                            Interviewed                                          Systematized

Evaluated                                             Investigated


Teaching Skills:


Adapted                                              Enabled                                               Initiated

Advised                                               Encouraged                                        Instructed

Clarified                                               Evaluated                                           Persuaded

Coached                                              Explained                                           Stimulated

Communicated                                    Facilitated                               

Coordinated                                        Guided

Developed                                           Informed



Technical Skills:


Assembled                                            Engineered                                           Remodeled

Built                                                     Fabricated                                            Repaired

Calculated                                            Maintained                                          Solved

Computed                                            Operated                                            Trained

Designed                                              Overhauled                                          Upgraded

Devised                                                Programmed                           

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