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Bonner Video Project 2009 -2010

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What is the Bonner Video Project?

The Bonner Video Project is part of the Bonner Network's Serve 2.0 Initiative, using social media tools to enhance and expand the culture of community service and social justice among college students and the communities they serve throughout the nation.  


The Bonner Video Project is made up of six categories focusing on different areas of Bonner service.  Submitted videos are entered into our fun competition with the opportunity to win awards and have the videos shown at the National 2010 Bonner Film Festival at Summer Leadership Institute in June!  


Last year over 85 videos were submitted to the Bonner Video Project 2009, and the best videos were viewed at the 2009 Summer Leadership Institute in Deland, Florida last June.  Check out the winning videos by visiting the Bonner Network You Tube Channel: 2009 Showcase.


But our videos aren't just about competition, we hope Bonner campuses will create videos that can be used to for service.  In fact, our videos benefit the partner agencies we work with, educate the community about social issues we care about, and advance volunteerism and activism on college campuses all over the United States and the world.


This year the Bonner Video Project is better than ever!  Share your story by creating quality three-minute videos with purpose statements and submitting them to the Bonner Video Project 2010 by May 15th.  Please watch the video below for an introduction to this year's Bonner Video Project:


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2010 Submission Instructions & Deadlines

How to Submit Videos to the 2010 Bonner Video Project Competition!

Watch this Submission Instruction Video:

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BVP 2010 Handout

Click here for Bonner Video Project 2010 Handout with Complete Instructions.   You may submit up to three videos per category (eg. three videos highlighting your Bonner Program) 


Four General Categories Due May 15th, 2010: 


Deadlines for General Video submission are as follows:


2010 Challenge Categories!!! 

Deadline for Challenge Video submission are as follows:


Videos are expected to be good quality, reflecting the best side of Bonner, and they will be viewed by people outside of our network.  The best videos willed be shown at the National 2010 Bonner Film Festival at Summer Leadership Institute in June! 


Also, you can submit your Bonner Video to the "What's Your Issue?" contest.  The What’s Your Issue Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization which runs an internet-based film and song competition, as well as Y/E, The Young Entrepreneur Network and a program of Video Tutorials. The Film Your Issue competition, in its 5th year, is looking for solution-project ideas to front-burner issues from young adults 14 to 24 in a 3-minute video format, with accompanying one-sheet description.


Bonner Video Liaison Information: 

Every campus that chooses to participate in The Bonner Video Project 2010 must select a Bonner Student to be its Bonner Video Liason (BVL).  


Bonner Video Liaison Sign Up


Bonner Video Liason responsibilities include:

1. Reading all Bonner Video Project Email Updates

2. Relaying all Bonner Video Project news and updates to fellow Bonners

3. Making sure all videos created by Bonners are appropriate and within the guidelines set forth by the Bonner Foundation

4. Maintaining all Media Release Forms and other privacy criteria relating to Bonner Videos

5. Posting all Bonner Video Project Submissions to the Bonner Video Project Wiki Page


Click here to submit a short video clip introducing your Bonner Video Liaison: 2010 Bonner Video Liaisons



  •  Check out our colorful slide presentation 




Additional Links 


Lead Contacts for the Bonner Video Project  

Becky Grinstead Program Associate 

NJ Bonner Leader Program 

(609)924-6663 rgrinstead@bonner.org




Michael Richardson Program Associate

National Bonner Program 

(609) 924 -6663


Cori Williams

Bonner Video Project Intern

(609) 924 -6663




Bonner Video Project 2008 -2009

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