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Bonner Video Project 2008

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READ ME First! Why the Bonner Video Project?  Purpose Statement.pdf


Have you requested your Flip Cam yet?  Fill out following form, fax to us, and your Flip Cam will be on its way!: Flip Cam Agreement 


     About Project     |     Submission Instructions & Timeline   |     Resources     |      Lead Contacts    



What is the Bonner Video Project?

The Bonner Video Project is part of the Bonner Network's Serve 2.0 Initiative, using social media tools to enhance and expand the culture of community service and social justice among college students and the communities they serve in throughout the nation.   

Every Bonner Program in the country is asked to appoint a student to serve as the Bonner Video Project Liaison.  Also, each campus will be given a Flip Cam.  With these Flip Cams, they will be asked to submit short 2-3 minute videos highlighting four aspects of their program:


1. Their Bonner Program (campus center, structure of the program, etc.)

2. The Community Partners they work with

3. Training and Enrichment and

4. Issues they encounter each day at their service sites



Videos are expected to be good quality, reflecting the best side of Bonner, and they will be viewed by people outside of our network.  The best videos willed be shown at the National 2009 Bonner Film Festival at Summer Leadership Institute at Stetson University in June!  



Submission Instructions & Deadlines

Click here for Bonner Video Project Handout with Complete Instructions.   You may submit up to three videos per category (eg. three videos highlighting your Bonner Program) 


Deadlines for video submission are as follows:






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Lead Contacts for the Bonner Video Project




Becky Grinstead 

Program Associate 

NJ Bonner Leader Program 

(609)924-6663 rgrinstead@bonner.org





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