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Bonner Video Liaisons

Page history last edited by Toma Smith 15 years, 1 month ago


Every campus that chooses to participate in The Bonner Video Project 2008 must select a Bonner Student to be its Bonner Video Liason (BVL).  


Bonner Video Liason responsibilities include:

1. Reading all Bonner Video Project Email Updates

2. Relaying all Bonner Video Project news and updates to fellow Bonners

3. Making sure all videos created by Bonners are appropriate and within the guidelines set forth by the Bonner Foundation

4. Maintaining all Media Release Forms and other privacy criteria relating to Bonner Videos

5. Posting all Bonner Video Project Submissions to the Bonner Video Project Wiki Page

6. Participating in the Bonner Video Project Blog


Please Post the Following Information about your BVL to this Wiki Page:





**Think Reality TV Show "Audition" Video--should be no longer than 1 minute


Bonner Video Project BVLs for 2008 are:


Campus: University of Louisville

Name: Toma Lynn Smith

Email: tlsmit13@louisville.edu


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Campus: Dickinson College     

Name: Katherine Walters    

Email: waltersk@dickinson.edu



Campus: University of Louisville          

Name: Toma Lynn Smith          

Email: tlsmit13@louisville.edu

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNPl5ZPugNI


Campus: Amherst College

Name: Sarah Marks

Email: smarks09@amherst.edu

Video: Coming Soon to a Computer Screen Near You!


Campus: Augsburg College

Names: Kate Lewis and Mallory Carstens

Emails: Lewis2@augsburg.edu and carstens@augsburg.edu

Video: In production



Campus: Bluefield College

Name: Donnie Bales

Email: dbales@bluefield.edu 

Video: on its way...


Campus: Oberlin College

Name: Megan Latimore

Email: Megan.Latimore@oberlin.edu


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Campus: Rhodes College

Name: Cord McLean

Email: mclcd@rhodes.edu

Video: on its way...


Campus: Davidson College

Name: Peter Kelplin

Email: pekelpin@davidson.edu

Video: We want to see another video first... :-)


Campus:  Centre College

Name: Josh Blair

Email: joshua.blair@centre.edu


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Campus: Union College

Name: Lon "Sonny" Whitson

Email: Lon.Whitson@unionky.edu

Video: slowly but surly


Campus: Macalester College     

Name: Samuel Solomon

Email: ssolomon@macalester.edu



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Campus: Maryville College

Name:Joey Courtney


Video:  - 


Campus: The College of New Jersey

Name: Sejour Stephens

Email: stephe28@tcnj.edu

Video:  YouTube plugin error

Also check out our Blog Channel: http://tcnjbonnervideoproject.blogspot.com/


Campus: Widener University

Name: Alison Whartenby

Email: agwhartenby@mail.widener.edu

Video: Click Here to Meet Alison!



Campus: College of Saint Benedict/ St. John's University

Name: Lindsey Cermak     

Email: lccermak@csbsju.edu     


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Campus: Middlesex County College/ Democracy House     

Name: Hisham El-Waylly


Video:  YouTube plugin error

Our awesomeness will melt your face.


Campus: University of New Mexico

Name: Henry Jake Foreman

Email: hforeman@unm.edu

Video: Working on it!


Campus:Stetson University    

Name: David Bermudez

Email: jdbermud@stetson.edu

Video: Already gone for the holidays...but working on it


Campus: Washburn University

Name: Brandon Trujillo

email: brandon.trujillo@washburn.edu

Video: Coming Soon to a Wiki Near You


Campus: Mars Hill College

Names: Jason DeVries, Grace Kim

Email: s000146885@mhc.edu s000153808@mhc.edu







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