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Bonner Partner > The Institute for Community Leadership

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The Institute for Community Leadership


24833 180th Ave. SE 

Kent, WA 98042


Website: www.icleadership.org


Contact Information

Lead Contact: Nyla Rosen, Administrative Assistant

Contact Phone: 253-872-3612

Contact Email: nyla@icleadership.org


Organization Description:

     The Mission of the Institute for Community Leadership is: To empower individuals and organizations to create a vision of a more just nation and world and to develop and sustain within themselves the strength, hope, leadership, relationships and organizational integrity to bring about that vision.

     The Institute for Community Leadership (ICL) challenges the status quo. Individuals who participate in ICL programming develop their personal and group power to foster meaningful social change.

     We achieve social change in the active engagement of daily other-centered acts. These acts create the power and energy necessary for the building and maintenance of social movements.

     Humanity needs dedicated courageous people. ICL integrates individuals into the struggles for cultural, political and economic power. We struggle for true democratic principles that put the worldís economies, politics and culture in the hands of the people. We organize individuals to contribute to community, work for justice and committ themselves to the task of social change. All are welcome.

     ICL carries out nonviolence and social justice leadership programs through schools, indigenous nations and municipalities to assist in the reclamation of democracy by the study of the levers of power. We engage the development of proactive voices that speak of, for and by the people. Democracy lives through active, human participation. Active participation comes through training and development. ICL provides training and development daily, with others, in cohesive, transformational settings.



Issue Area(s):

  • Education
  • Community Development 


Type(s) of Bonner Partnership Connections:

  • Alternative Break Site
  • Internship opportunity
  • Educational opportunity
  • Job opportunity
  • Resource Provider


Internship Position

Internship DescriptionWork for Justice! Stand against the disparities in our communities and schools. Arouse, educate and organize yourself and others. Develop your ability to change yourself.

The Institute for Community Leadership commits to the integration of individuals into the movement for social justice, peace, civil and human rights in their local communities, nationwide and internationally. We seek individuals committed to personal transformation and social justice.


Youth & Family Outreach: Work with ICL's professional coaching staff to develop relationships with families and teachers, visit homes, make phone calls, edit poems, and utilize ICL Leadership Poetry Workshop in local schools, communities and tribes. Engage young people in transformational leadership opportunities. Develop your experience in Nonviolence, pedagogy and civil rights using ICL's certified curriculum.


Fund Development & Outreach: Develop your experience setting up and attending fund development meetings, researching potential relationships and writing grants. Work with our professional development staff to coordinate and attend meetings with elected officials, businesses, corporations, and individuals. Develop relationships to fund the ICL Jack Hunter O'Dell Education and Reflection Center Campus, Curriculum project, leadership programming, ecological/horticultural programming, and economic development projects.


Groundskeeping & Horticulture: Develop your experience in a diversity of landscaping, horticulture, grounds maintenance, and agricultural areas. Work with our professional staff at the Jack Hunter O'Dell Education and Reflection Center Campus, a site consisting of 20 acres of gardens, agriculture, reflection trails, and classrooms, and 160 acres of second-growth forest. Gain valuable hands-on experience with projects including development and maintenance of organic vegetable gardens, Asian-style gardens, hothouses, water features, Christmas trees; lawn mowing, weeding, pruning; and marketing of agricultural products.


Intern Requirements All interns will be selected based on their ability and capacity to receive coaching, get outside of their comfort zones and organize others. Interns will demonstrate experience and course of study in Nonviolence Organizing, Personal Transformation through Social Participation, and Coaching Peace with Justice. In addition, individuals must actively pursue the following: humility, listening power, intuitive learning, gratitude, courage, dedication to the constant renewal of the mind, commitment to self control, making a vow to truth.


Internship positions are available throughout the year ranging from 5-40 hours a week. Supervision for academic credits is available. Work-Study opportunities available.



Internship Start/End Dates:

Application Process:



Application Deadline:

Stipend Provided?: No

Housing Provided?: Yes

Hosted Bonners before?:



Service Opportunity


Service Opportunity Description:




Service Opportunity Start/End Dates:



Resource Opportunity

Resources Available: 



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