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Bonner Partner > Northfield Mount Hermon Upward Bound Program

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Northfield Mount Hermon Upward Bound Program


One Lamplighter Way 

Mount Hermon, MA  01354


Website: nmhschool.org/upwardbound


Contact Information: 

Lead Contact: Gisele Litalien, Director, Upward Bound Program

Contact Phone: 413-498-3652

Contact Email: glitalien@nmhschool.org


Organization Description: The Upward Bound Program at Northfield Mount Hermon School is a federally funded initiative to assist 75 low-income high school students from Holyoke, Springfield and Franklin County, Massachusetts.  Most of the students represent the first generation in their family to go on to college.  The students live on the Mount Hermon campus for six weeks and take classes in English, Math, Science, Literature, and World Language.  They also participate in regularly scheduled athletic and cultural activities and receive both career and college counseling.


Issue Area(s):

  • Education
  • Youth Services 


Type(s) of Bonner Partnership Connections:

  • Alternative Break Site
  • Internship opportunity
  • Educational opportunity
  • Job opportunity
  • Resource Provider


Internship Position

Internship Description: The Tutor Counselor Intern (TC Intern) Program is designed to introduce college and graduate students to professions in education, counseling and social justice. The internship provides them with hands-on experience working with a very diverse student body from low-income families.  TC Interns work closely in their demonstrated areas of interest with experienced educators, faculty and administrators.  They assist faculty in academic classes, design and teach elective classes, tutor students during evening study sessions and assist dorm heads and staff with student supervision. TC Interns play a key role in running the extracurricular activities organized for the afternoons and weekends.  Each TC Intern is assigned a core group of students which they will mentor, follow and evaluate their academic progress and successes. TC interns arrive five days before the students and receive intensive training.All TC Interns live in dormitory rooms in the midst of the students.  They assist in supervising the dorms under the supervision of experienced dorm heads.


Internship Start/End Dates:

Application Process: Contact Director for application materials. Complete application, interview, provide references. 

Application Deadline:

Stipend Provided?: No

Housing Provided?: Yes - Dorm room, 3 meals/day

Hosted Bonners before?:



Service Opportunity


Service Opportunity Description:




Service Opportunity Start/End Dates:



Resource Opportunity

Resources Available: 



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