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Bonner Partner > National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped

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National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped


535 Greewich Street 

New York, NY 10013


Website: www.ntwh.org


Contact Information: 

Lead Contact: Jason Matthews, Director of Admissions

Contact Phone: 212-206-7789

Contact Email: admissions@ntwh.org


Organization Description: National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped provides a comprehensive University and College Internship Program designed to give candidates in Bachelor or Advanced degree programs (or to anyone pursuing fields related to disability, education or the arts) practical, hands-on experience in various aspects of theatre education and performance while working with persons with disabilities in residential theatre workshops.


Issue Area(s):

  • Education
  • Disability 


Type(s) of Bonner Partnership Connections:

  • Alternative Break Site
  • Internship opportunity
  • Educational opportunity
  • Job opportunity
  • Resource Provider


Internship Position

Internship Description: NTWH interns are referred to as BEADLES (from the Jesuit educational tradition).  They act in a leadership capacity between students and faculty, with duties including assisting faculty, managing and enhancing the student living environment, and providing general assistance with the day-to-day functions of the program, including organized recreational activities and outings. Really, what a beadle is at NTWH is a facilitator between the students and the faculty.

1. Beadles act as teacher's assistants for the variety of fine arts and performance art classes that we offer. Participation within the classes by the interns is strongly encouraged. 

2. Beadles are in charge of picking up and dropping off the students from the airport or bus station. 

3. Several hours of the day are set aside for recreational activities. These include: swimming, kayaking, hiking, and field trips. Beadles are responsible for these activities. 

4. Beadles are the Residential Advisors for the Crosby School. They live with the students and are responsible for management of the living environment. 

5. Room and board are covered by NTWH and interns will receive a stipend of $100/week. We will also be willing to work with your school to provide class credit for your experience here. 

6. Beadles will be given a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility directly impacting the success of the program. Interns will need to be highly qualified and motivated. They will function as a team, reporting to the Dean. 

7. No theatre experience or prior work with persons with disabilities is necessary. 

8. The most important qualities a Beadle can have are generosity and an ability to be flexible. 


Internship Start/End Dates:

Application Process: Application Procedure: Send in NTWH Student/Intern Application with supporting materials, including two letters of reference and a 150 Word Essay.


Application Deadline:

Stipend Provided?: Yes - $100/week

Housing Provided?: Yes, Accomodation and meals provided

Hosted Bonners before?:



Service Opportunity


Service Opportunity Description:




Service Opportunity Start/End Dates:



Resource Opportunity

Resources Available: 



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