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Bonner Partner > Council on International Educational Exchange

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Council on International Educational Exchange


United States:

300 Fore Street

Portland, ME 04101 


Dominican Republic:

CIEE: Aprendizaje-Servicio PUCMM

Campus de Santiago Santiago de los Caballeros

Rep├║blica Dominicana


Website: ciee.org/program_search/program_detail.aspx?program_id=1767


Organization Description:

CIEE is the leading non-governmental international organization offering sites in non-traditional areas of the world.  Through the CIEE Santiago Service Learning program, students have the opportunity to learn about grassroots and international development and the entities which impact these initiatives.   The program challenges students to think about the overarching ideas and models of service, but most importantly, what service means to them.  The module offers students a 4-tier experiential and theoretical education which includes: academics, service, independent field research, and a capstone project. To compliment the coursework, students are placed with a local partner organization, each with a specific focus in education, community health, entrepreneurship/business, social justice, and peer mentoring, so that students may have the opportunity for a hands-on inter-disciplinary learning experience.  The program promotes a participatory and collaborative approach in working within the community, where students will also perform an investigation and final Capstone project. 


Issue Area(s):

  • Sustainable Environment and Ecotourism
  • International
  • Social Justice 
  • Community Development
  • Micro business advocacy
  • Education 


Types of Bonner Partnership Connections:

  • Educational opportunity
  • Resource Provider


Resource Opportunity

Internship Description: Semester long post with the CIEE Service-Learning program.  Students take courses at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) through the Service Learning track (Poverty and Development, A Case Study of the Dominican Republic; Community Development and Service Practicum; Scientific Methods and Investigation; Independent Research/Capstone Project; Spanish for Development). 


Students are placed within their internships (community-based service) with a minimum requirment of 126 contact hours.  Within these organization, students partake in ongoing collaborative projects and develop a research theme and project in conjunction with their service.  Students receive root funds to go towards their tangible project.  Mid-way through the semester, students participate in a one-week rural stay to learn about different community development associations (local and international) while working alongside our community partner, CREAR (Centro Regional de Educaci├│n Alternativa Rural), the first organic school in the Dominican Republic to learn about sustainable environmental practices through organic and biodynamic farming. 


Internship Start/End Dates:  Published Fall 2009 dates:  August 18, 2009 to December 13, 2009

Spring dates: TBA. 


Application Process:  Bonner scholars in higher education may visit their study abroad office for more information on program pre-requsites and the application process.    


Application Deadline:

Stipend Provided?:

Housing Provided?:

Hosted Bonners Before?: 



Service Opportunity


Service Opportunity Description:


Service Opportunity Start/End Dates:


Resource Opportunity


Resources Available: 


Policy and Advocacy Connection

Does this organization/program offer opportunities for students to engage in policy research, advocacy, lobbying, public education, etc.?

Type of Opportunity & Description: Advocacy

Provides opportunities for all Americans of all ages and backgrounds to help solve community problems and encourages all Americans to engage in such service.

Current Contact

Updated 11/2010

Name/Position: Elaine Acacio, Director 


Phone: 1-800-40-STUDY (Corporate Office) or 1-809-580-1962 Ext., 4608



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