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Bonner Leader Program Start Up

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Evaluating the Fit | Designing a Program | Creating a Student Development Plan | Connecting to the Network | Foundation Campus Visit | Tracking & Reporting

A brief guide intended to jump-start the planning process for campuses interested in participating in the Bonner Program. Interested campuses should review the six steps outlined in this guide and then contact Robert Hackett, President of the Bonner Foundation.


Step 1: Evaluating the Fit

Determine the Bonner Program's fit with your particular campus.


Step 2: Designing a Program

Developing a campus infrastructure, financial support, and community partnerships as well as a timeline for implementing these new logistics and networks.


Step 3: Creating a Student Development Plan

Establishing a concrete plan for developing Bonner students throughout their college career.


Step 4: Connecting to the Network

Connecting to the larger Bonner Program Network, including the Bonner Foundation and the more than 65 other campuses across the nation.


Step 5: Foundation Staff Visit

Maintain connection with the Bonner Foundation through regular communication including an invitation to you campus.


Step 6: Tracking & Reporting 

Manage your students' service through BWBRS (Bonner Web-Based Reporting System). Have incoming students take the Student impact survey and assess the program's progress in creating a campus wide culture of service.


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