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Bonner Alumni Network

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Welcome, Alumni!

Welcome to the Bonner Alumni Network! As we head into our third decade, we are working harder than ever to reach out to the 8,000+ people who have graduated from the program. Your service has laid the groundwork for a national student movement of civic engagement and social action that still continues today, and we encourage you to reconnect with us.

Get Involved

With 65% of you working in non-profit or public sector careers and nearly 100% of you engaged in regular community service, we ask for your leadership and involvement to help your alma mater and the whole Bonner Network:

1) Recruit the next generation of Bonners Scholars and Leaders.  Every year we are recruiting new Bonners into our powerful network.  Being experts of the program, be a part of that process and recruit the new class of Bonners at the school nearest you. 

2Mentor one or two current Bonners.  We have more than 3,200 current Bonners at 75 campuses who could benefit from your advice and network as they seek summer internships or take the first steps in their careers near where you live.  If you are interested in being an Alumni Mentor, email alumni@bonner.org.

3Share your expertise and passion as we seek to build the capacity of the Bonner Network to bring about meaningful change in the world.

>  Invite your Organization to Join the Bonner Partner Network If you work for or know of a nonprofit that would be interested in connecting with Bonners to access volunteers, interns, conferences, or other networking opportunities, please see our Bonner Partner Organizations page or e-mail us at partners@bonner.org.
>  Get Involved with a Bonner Alumni Chapter Near You With an alumni chapter you can plan a variety of events from social gatherings to service events, continuing where you left off as Bonners.  You will be able to connect with alumni from all across the network that are in your local area and interact with Bonner schools closest to you.  If you are interested in doing so, please contact Michael Richardson at mrichardson@bonner.org or view the current Alumni Chapters.

4)  Visit the Bonner Fellowship and Career Network to learn about our newest initiatives. 


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