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Bates Congress Action Planning

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Student (Who We Are):


Name: Alyse Bigger

Email: abigger@bates.edu

Year: 2011

Service Interests: youth empowerment, boys' academic success


Name: Emily Majsak

Email: emajsak@bates.edu

Year: 2013

Service Interests: youth mentoring, children/adults with special needs


Big Ideas (What We Will Do?)

Thinking about the five focus areas: (1) Recruiting volunteers, (2) Planning events, (3) Institutionalizing a program, (4) Deepening relationships with partners, and (5) Facilitating reflection, Our TWO PRIORITIES are going to be:


            Our Bonner Program is new to the Bates campus and very few students have heard about it.  This is the first full year the program has been up and running.  We need to raise awareness on campus so that people can join to become involved in the community and so that people can spread the word about the Bonner program to others who may be interested.  In order to do this we need to work with the right people on campus to spread the word.  We also don’t have a recruitment process so bringing new people to Bonner is a challenge.  The vast majority of the program is made of first or second year students which make it hard to raise awareness on campus because these students aren’t very familiar with campus.  Another challenge is there was an uneven interest between males and females during the recruitment process; maybe males need to be targeted differently than females for the Bonner program during recruitment.


            We have a gender imbalance, not very many people on campus know about Bonner and we have questions about how recruitment should be handled in the future.  We should not only raise awareness of Bonner but also provide examples of community opportunities so Bonner can appeal to a variety of people’s interests.  We also need better communication between admissions and the Bonner program.  A “Bonner awareness event” on campus may also be a good idea to raise awareness.  Another way we can get people interested is to call potential Bonners to answer questions and let them know about the program.  Another problem is we don’t have a recruitment process for non-first-years which means so next year the program would be geared more for younger students. 


            For our plan of action we intend to incorporate Bonner in the Bates student newspaper.  We could also have a Bonner awareness event that could be publicized in the Bates Daily newsletter and the Bates Student (newspaper).  We could also have a speaker or open house to answer questions and provide more information; with the open house we could have Bonners share their personal experiences.  Tour guides could also add a little bit about the Harward Center and the Bonner Program to the tours they give.  Bonner students should also develop an “elevator pitch” to have prepared in response to questions about Bonner and what we do.  We can also have Bonner students involved in the admissions phone-a-thon to tell perspective students about the program.  Bonner students can also set up a table at the activities fair which is held in the beginning of the year for freshmen to tell them about our program.  We can also have a booth set up for the Mount David Summit at the end of the year which would highlight our volunteer work and activities so people can get a better sense of the Bonner program.  Weekly Junior Advisors and Residential Coordinators  meetings with the deans are other opportunities to tell people about Bonner opportunities because JA/RC can then go back to the students they are responsible for and let them know about the program.


People to get in contact with:


  • Carmita McCoy (Multi-cultural Dean/Recruiter)
  • Marylyn Scott (Multi-cultural Dean/Recruiter)
  • Jared Cash (Director of Tour Guides)

Student activities office (for the commons pamphlet)

  • Keith Tannenbaum (Director of Student Actiivties Office)


We intend to network with other Bonner schools at the 2009 Congress Meeting to see what strategies have worked for other schools that could potentially work for us.  We will go to workshops about raising awareness and improving recruitment and come back with a better sense of the program itself.  Also, we intend to talk to male Bonners and see how they found out about the program and see if they have any suggestions for how we can get more males involved.


Our biggest goal for going to congress is seeing how other programs have established a recruitment process and how they maintain awareness.  We also want to pay attention to information on others areas our Bonner program can improve upon.



Our Social Media Strategies (How We Will Do It): 


Describe which of these tools you're going to use and how: 



Social Bookmarking





Social Actions



Building Networks and Being National Representatives:


Describe how we will engage other schools and organizations within the national Bonner network. (For example, how will you communicate ideas on the Bonner Network Wiki, blog, Facebook groups...and in person)











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