Annual Report Guidelines for 2008-2009

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These will be emailed to you, but they are available here to download or print.

Please complete Section I by clicking on your Campus Profile.  You will find instructions there.  You will also be able to click on the link to the page for your institution's Program Report.  Thanks!


PDF:  AnnualReportGuide2008-09.pdf

Self-Assessment Tool (you may need to review for Part 2):   BonnerSelfAssessTool.pdf


Text (below):


The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation


Bonner Scholar and Leader Program


Annual Report 2008-2009 Guidelines




The 2008-2009 Annual Report Guidelines provide campuses with an opportunity to share their work this past year, especially in ways that reflect key initiatives.   We’ve continued to weave these guidelines around the Self-Assessment Tool and integrating the Serve 2.0 initiative.  We also continue the use of the Bonner Network Wiki so that aspects of your Report may be shared across campuses, spreading the word about good work that has been accomplished this year.  Hence, there are two parts of the Annual Report as follows:


Part 1:  Wiki-Based Program Report

Part 2:  Letter & Related Survey Questions

Self-Assessment Review and Analysis

Reporting & Accountability Report


In summary, your Report can be eight pages or less.  Part 1 is the public portion of your annual report and will be submitted on the Bonner Network Wiki using a new page linked to from your campus profile page.  Part 2 is the private portion of your annual report which we ask that you complete and mail (and/or email) to the Foundation.  It should consist of a cover letter responding to the self-assessment review and analysis, as well as responses to the Reporting and Accountability questions in this document.


Given these revised guidelines, the deadline for the Annual Reports is Friday, July 10, 2009. Note:  we will not consider an Annual Report complete until the four sections above are submitted. 


Please request help from Foundation staff in using the wiki or any other aspect of these Annual Report guidelines.  Thank you!




Section I:  Public (wiki-based) Report on 2008-2009 Activities


This section is to be completed on your Campus Profile and Campus Issue Profile on the Bonner Network Wiki.


This year, we’d like for you to continue using the Campus Profile for your institution as an avenue to share the work you’ve done this year with others in the Bonner network.  These Campus Profiles are part of the Bonner Network Wiki, which is found at http://bonnernetwork.pbworks.com/





.   In addition to the information requested below (which you’ll see organized in the annual report page), we encourage you to embed photos or videos, or link to news stories or sample documents, on your wiki-based campus profile page.  




Please complete the following on your wiki-based Campus Profile.


a.     Please review and update your Campus Profile in order to make any edits or corrections to the basic information. This may include changing or adding photos.  It may also include edits to the names and contact information for staff and student leaders.

b.    Please add 1-2 summary paragraphs to your Campus Profile that describe a few of the highlights of programmatic activities from 2008-2009.  For instance, you may want to capture an aspect of a successful faculty engagement strategy, campus-wide service initiative, or work with a site-based team.  As part of your larger Campus Profile, these few paragraphs should provide a sense of something that is particularly strong and/or unique about your Bonner Program.

c.     Please embed links on this page to your completed Campus Issue Profiles (at least one by the time this report is submitted).

d.    Please complete the linked “2008-09 Annual Report Narrative” page to submit the program section of the Annual Report, in which you share program highlights. A template has been created for you with all the questions below (and linked to your Campus Profile main page).  The entire page can be three pages or less, on the wiki.

a.     Implementation of Student Development:  what was the structure and content for the implementation of the developmental model this year?  In particular, please share (one page text):

i.      Structure for training, courses, & meetings

ii.     Cornerstone Activities including First Year Trip, Second Year Exchange, Third Year (and beyond) Leadership Roles, and Senior Capstone & Presentation of Learning

iii.   Roles of Student Leaders in integration of the Serve 2.0 initiative (e.g., developing and using web-based tools for service)


b.    Implementation of Community Partnerships:  please share a summary of your work with community partners, highlighting your work regarding (one page text):

i.      Arrangement and management of community partnerships and placements (orientation, site visits, meetings, strategic planning)

ii.     How partners were engaged as co-educators, including academic linkages, courses, and student advising

iii.   Partnerships managed through site-based or issue-oriented teams, as well as other issue-based organizing undertaken

iv.   Capacity building initiatives for community partners (such as workshops, policy research, or resource development)


c.     Campus-wide Culture and Infrastructure:  please describe key activities and structures related to the development of campus-wide infrastructure and the role of the Bonner Program in enhancing (or being enhanced by) campus-wide culture and participation in service.  In particular, share (one page text):

i.      Key activities for faculty engagement and academic connections.  In particular, note any connections to curricular offerings that are linked to the Bonner Program.

ii.     Key relationships and activities involving other departments or divisions on campus (for example for recruitment, student wellness or retention, financial aid, and so on).

iii.   Unique initiatives (such as events, assessment, or strategic planning) that have enhanced institutionalization of service and civic engagement on campus.


d.    Serve 2.0:  please highlight your key activities related to the integration of web-based tools as they are connected to the design, management, and outreach for service.  In particular, share (one page text):

i.      Link to your campus-wide service center or Bonner Program wiki ,web-site, or Ning site.  Please explain how it’s most used and by whom.

ii.     Your integration with other social media tools (such as the Bonner Network Forum/Ning, Twitter, YouTube, the Bonner Video Project, PolicyOptions Wiki, or others)




Part 2:  Letter and Survey Annual Report


This part has two portions and can be mailed and emailed as a narrative document to the Bonner Foundation.  See a and b below.


(a) Self-Assessment Review and Analysis


Limit to 3 pages, letter-format, single-spaced, to be mailed to Foundation


We would like each school to revisit the Self-Assessment Tool.  Then, please provide a letter that addresses each of the categories, as follows:


·      Staffing and Governance:  What are your strengths in this area?  Are there any particular challenges that you believe are making it difficult to manage a high-quality Bonner Program?

·      Recruitment and Retention:  Briefly describe the process your Bonner Program utilizes and note its strengths and challenges. 

·      Program Administration:  Briefly share your reflections on your program’s utilization of BWBRS.  You may want to draw on data presented in Section III of this report.

·      Advising and Reflection:  Briefly describe and note the strengths and challenges of your program in this area?

·      Student Development & Co-Curricular Activities:  In light of what’s already reported in Section I (the wiki page), share any insights you have about the effectiveness of your program in this area or plans for change.

·      Curricular Activities & Campus-Wide Engagement:  In light of what’s already reported in Section I (the wiki page), share any reflections about key achievements in this area or plans for change.


Since the letter is private, you may feel free to provide candid information about any aspects of your Bonner Program this year. 


(b) Reporting and Accountability


Please review your Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 Reports in BWBRS. (If you need help knowing how to do this, contact Foundation staff).  Then complete the following table report for each semester, and provide your responses to the questions below.  (Note, the Foundation will be tabulating a similar report, but with additional data, in response to this section).




Fall Semester 2008

Number of Students Active in the Bonner Program


Number of Students Active in AmeriCorps


Number of Students with 140 Logged Approved Hours (100%)*


Number of Students with fewer than 100 Logged Approved Hours (< 70% required hours)


# Training & Enrichment Activities, By Class:










All Classes



*Approved by Director for BSP not utilizing AmeriCorps slot; approved by Foundation for all students utilizing AmeriCorps slot


Spring Semester 2009

Number of Students Active in the Bonner Program


Number of Students Active in AmeriCorps


Number of Students with 140 Logged Approved Hours (100%)


Number of Students with fewer than 100 Logged Approved Hours (< 70% required hours)


# Training & Enrichment Activities, By Class:










All Classes



*Approved by Director for BSP not utilizing AmeriCorps slot; approved by Foundation for all students utilizing AmeriCorps slot




1.     Do you have students who seem to be having trouble with completing their required and approvable hours or logging those hours in BWBRS?  If yes, why do you think this is occurring?


2.     How does your program handle this situation when it arises (e.g., what is the system for student accountability)?  Do you have written policies that students receive that outline the penalty when they don’t meet program expectations?


3.     Do you believe that the training and enrichment activities as reported provide a picture of how your program is implementing student development?  What is not reflected?


4.     What are your reflections on your staff's use and management of BWBRS?  What are your strengths and challenges?


5.     For Bonner Leader Programs ONLY:  Please describe how students in the Bonner Program are financially supported (e.g., Bonner AmeriCorps, Institutional Aid, FWS).


6.     For Bonner Programs that are NOT using Bonner AmeriCorps Education Awards ONLY:  Why do you elect not to offer this option for your students?  Please identify the specific reasons or challenges that have led to your decision.


7.     For Bonner Programs that are USING Bonner AmeriCorps, please use this link to complete a survey in which you report needed data along with respond to AmeriCorps specific questions.  This information will be aggregated to submit to the Corporation for National Service as well as to facilitate our ongoing support of your Bonner AmeriCorps program.

·      Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=KGiJOOXmxoxZR4iXwXxSfQ_3d_3d













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