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Annual Bonner Gatherings

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The Bonner Program: Goals & Strategies

Bonner Meetings

Summer Meeting | New Directors' Meeting | Directors' Meeting | Student Congress Meeting | NJ Crisis Ministry Conference


Summer Meeting

Generally held the first weekend in June on a campus participating in the Bonner Program, these gathering brings together Bonner Scholar and Bonner Leader directors, coordinators, senior interns, student Congress representatives, other student leaders, and ocassionally faculty and community partners.


New Directors' Meeting

Generally held for three days during the first week of August, these gathering helps orient new and prospective Bonner Scholar and Bonner Leader program directors and coordinators to the mission, goals, rules, and implementation strategies and resources for the program.


Directors' Meeting

Generally held at the begininng of the second week in November, this gathering brings together the directors and coordinators from the Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leader campuses to learn from one another.


Student Congress Meeting

There are two Bonner Congress meetings held each year, bringing together the student representatives from each of the campuses participating in the Bonner Program. The Fall gathering is generally held the weekend after the Fall Directors & Coordinators Meeting. The summer gathering is always integrated into the Summer Leadership Institute.


NJ Crisis Ministry Conference

Generally held in early October in Princeton, this gathering brings together Crisis Ministry grantees in New Jersey and New York to be introduced tonew Bonner Foundation initiatives, to connect with one another, and to learn about new national and state efforts to end hunger.


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