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2009-SLI Service-Projects

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All Bonner Service is an opportunity for students from across the Bonner Network to participate in a service immersion experience with other schools' Bonners at SLI.  This can also be a Second-Year Exchange project.  Please note, students in All Bonner Service do not get to come and go from projects; they commit to this track for the entire time (all day Thursday and Friday).  The Foundation requests that Congress Reps and Senior Interns do not join this track, as they would then miss all workshops and meetings geared toward their roles.  


Below is a listing of projects, which have been planned by Stetson Bonners working in issue-focused teams, to match the theme of SLI.  Students can sign up for the project they want at Registration.  





Thursday, June 4

Come enjoy the beautiful shores of Cape Canaveral while working together to clean up the beach.  Also, each participant will learn to locate exotic plants, remove the foreign foliage and replace them with native plants.  Each person will receive a hands-on opportunity to learn about the environment while working to beautify Florida’s beaches.  If weather is not permitting, there will be in-door environmental opportunities available.


Friday, June 5

Come help and lean about the local non-profit  organization: Community Roots.  Participants will help Community Roots plant a community garden in the local community of Lake Helen.  Each person will help plant and put up a fence.


Youth Empowerment:

Thursday, June 4

Come to Florida’s beautiful beach shores and participate in an event titled “Shelling out Service.”  The entire group will break up into three smaller groups, and each group will spend an hour participating in one of three services: looking for shells, working a vending station and cleaning up the beach.  People at the vending station will help promote awareness about DeLand’s youth empowerment programs.  Later in the day the entire group will travel to DeLand’s Boys and Girls club with their shell collection to help the youth create arts and crafts using the shells collected on the beach.


Friday, June 5

Come participate in a “Smorgasbord of Service!”  This event will present the opportunity for each participant to take part in service at several of DeLand’s youth centered, non-profit organizations.  Organizations such as the Chisholm Community Center, the Boys and Girls Club and the DeLand YMCA.



Thursday, June 4

Join us as experts come and talk about the many faces of homelessness. Speakers will range from community partners to mentors for the homeless community.  Come obtain new approaches to interacting and benefiting your own homeless population.  Then, take a trip to a local community partner site and help with beautifying the area and make sandwiches to have distributed to the chronic homeless.


Friday, June 5

Ever wonder how Jerry Springer can be viewed in the woods?  All inquires about the living conditions for homeless individuals can be answered by first hand accounts.  Come chat with some local homeless individuals and help clean up abandon and active homeless sites.  Experience the daily life of the homeless in Deland.


Global Issues: Letter Writing Campaign

Take Action now and Have a Hand in stopping the Genocide in Darfur by writing letters to the President and your district Congressmen in front of the Courthouse in Downtown Deland. In the afternoon, we will join the Community and Economic Development team in Pierson to explore immigration issues through various projects.


Community and Economic Development

The La Plaza Communitaria is a resource center in the Pierson Community for the Mexican immigrants where they offer free services such as taxes, banking and education. Join us as we help beautify this wonderful center with painting and landscaping.

The following schools have students participating in All Bonner Service. If you do not see your school represented and have a student planning to participate, please contact Bonner Foundation (Ariane or Miriam) immediately.  


  • Carson-Newman
  • College of Saint Benedict
  • Defiance
  • Middlesex County College
  • DePauw
  • Earlham
  • Emory & Henry
  • Ferrum
  • Lynchburg
  • Ripon
  • Siena
  • Spelman
  • Stetson
  • TCNJ
  • Tusculum
  • University of Louisville
  • Ursinus
  • Washburn

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